Peugeot Van Rental

Van rental presents a solution to many short term problems, both domestic and commercial. Vans are regularly used by customers for varying tasks including everything from house moves to transporting customer parcels. The use of a self-drive van is particularly important as it gives the hirer the ability to choose how long they keep the vehicle and what purpose they use it for. Self-drive vans are available in a range of sizes to suit different requirements and manufacturing giant Peugeot are experts in supplying various companies with their vans. The company have now set up a Peugeot van rental service of their own so that customers can rent a modern and high standard vehicle direct from Peugeot.

About Peugeot

Peugeot is a French automotive manufacturing company that is the second largest in Europe and was first founded in 1810. The company are world renown for producing high standard vehicles and released their first model in 1891. With over 200 years’ experience in the automobile industry Peugeot have continued to promote innovation and revolutionary design ideas that have set them apart from many other manufacturers.

The range of Peugeot vans are used across the UK by countless manufacturers and are favoured by both domestic and commercial customers for being reliable and quality. Peugeot van rental offers a daily rental service with over 4000 vehicles available from over 100 different rental dealerships in the UK with each vehicle competitively priced.
Benefits of choosing Peugeot van rental include:

  • Unlimited mileage rates on all vans
  • Regular discounted rates
  • Extra discounts for longer-term and weekend rentals and for customers that have their own insurance.
  • Free delivery of vehicles to the customers preferred location

Peugeot van range

Choosing Peugeot van rental will give you access to the full range of Peugeot vans, something independent rental companies cannot guarantee. The range includes different sized vans to provide customers with a solution to all van requirements. The smallest van in the range is the 207 which is derived from the 207 car.

The 207 van offers customers the practicality of the van but with the feel of the car. This allows much needed load space without handling any different from its counterpart. The van is equipped with a half-height bulkhead which is ideal for protecting cargo and has electric windows, CD player and four airbags.

The Peugeot Partner is a step up in size from the 207 and is one of the most popular economy vans on the market. Its versatile design allows for a foldable passenger seat to create extra room and produces low carbon emissions.

The Peugeot van rental range of panel vans is also popular with the Blipper, Expert and Boxer vans providing an excellent selection of heavy hauling benefits. All three come with the excellent load capacity and the option of side loading access.

Peugeot window vans are modified versions of the Expert and Boxer and provide the same benefits as their counterparts with the added extra of tough tinted glass windows.




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