Van for Rent Deals

Today’s world is all about keeping costs down.  It is generally known that hiring a van to move home is cheaper than using a removal company.  Hiring a van to pick up heavy items is generally also cheaper than using a company’s delivery system.  However, besides finding systems that are cheaper overall (hiring a van yourself instead of someone else driving for you), people still try to find even cheaper options – and quite rightly so!  Hence, it has become more and more popular for car and van hire companies to offer van for rent deals, whereby the prices are reduced depending on certain conditions.

Where Can I Find Van for Rent Deals?

Van for rent deals can be found from most van and car rental companies, as they compete with each other to try and attract the greatest numbers of customers.  Some of the better known companies that often offer special deals include:

  • A1 National Van Hire – regularly offering van for rent deals such as free delivery and collection.
  • Hall Hall Vehicle Hire Hartlepool – priding themselves on offering deals with no hidden charges.
  • National Car – offering 10% of van hire if you subscribe to their mailing list.
  • Europcar – offering lucrative deals for longer term van hire.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Van for Rent Deals?

The price of van for rent deals will depend on the conditions of the deal.  A van for rent deal may only be applicable, for example, if you hire a van for longer than a week.  Or perhaps a discount is only offered on certain types of vans, such as the larger ones or smaller ones.

Often, the van for rent deals that are available mean you get extras, that are usually available optionally at an additional cost, for free.  For example, a van hire company may offer free road side assistance (usually around £30 for a week) or a free satellite navigation system (usually around £10 per hire agreement) with your hire.

How Can I Find Van for Rent Deals?

Finding van for rent deals should not be too difficult.  Generally, companies offering specific van for rent deals will make a point of visibly advertising these.  However, you could also try speaking to people that may have use van rental services in the past.  If they have, it is likely they now receive mailings that will inform them of any new deals that are on offer.  Speaking to people such as members of your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or even local businesses can be a great idea to scope out van for rent deals.

As you can see, finding van for rent deals can be a very lucrative way of keeping costs of hiring a van down, which is incredibly important in the current economic climate.  There simply is no reason to pay over the odds for any service anymore, and finding van for rent deals will ensure you keep your money to yourself as much as possible.



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